About Us

After years working in fashion, Caitriona (Cait) McGettigan decided it was time to make pre-loved luxury, to allow women to shop in a luxurious way whilst still shopping more sustainably and enjoying unique items at a great price.

Our ethos is "do more of what makes you happy, wear more of what makes you happy". High end clothing makes us feel good, why?- because it fits well, is of high quality and craftsmanship and is in exciting styles and designs, through Luxury Exchange these high end, smile inducing items are available at better prices, through a method of shopping that is sustainable for our beautiful environment.

Items from Luxury Exchange are often unique as they may be limited edition or from previous collections, either way, they are usually not items currently available in stores, meaning you have an exclusive piece of paradise to add to your wardrobe. 

Whether its a classic piece, a vintage gem or a funky find, each piece that enters our collection is provided with the loving treatment it deserves! A lot of love, smiles and hard work goes into Luxury Exchange collections and we are always more than happy to assist with any questions or queries to help you get your perfect piece!